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DI4all is in line with the strategic priorities of the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027). The programme aims to support the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem and enhance digital skills and competence development at all levels of society. Moreover, the project prioritizes active citizenship, inclusion and diversity, and green sustainability.

The objectives:

The expected outcomes:

- Training of trainers for implementing digital inclusion, developed from analyzed results and best practices from teachers and trainers in the field of digital Inclusion.
- Study of best practices and case studies. Online contest for schools to present their best practices in digital inclusion of all learners.
- Guide for educators including materials from Intellectual outputs of the project.
- Final seminar.

Who we are

Project partner: Lithuanian College of Democracy
Project coordinator: Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (i4QOOL) Consultancy is a NGO, located in Lund, Sweden.


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